Für die Versuche mit dem UrzeitCode werden Magnetfelder oder Spannungsfelder eingesetzt.
Hier geht es um den Spannungsgenerator, der ein Feld von etwa 750V/cm erzeugen soll. (laut dem Buch „Der Urzeitcode“)

Die Petri-Schale ist etwa 1 cm hoch und für die meisten Saat-Körner ausreichend groß. Daher sollten 1000 V Ausgangsspannung ausreichend sein

Hier eine Auswahl von Hochspannungs-Generatoren:

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Am preiswertesten: DC-DC-Wandler bis 1200 V


He latest version The addition of features: Support for more than DC output voltage when 5V input

Module size: about 25 * 48mm (W * L)
Output current: 2 ~ 20mA. (If you want to add the current, pls put insurance under the transformer replaced the 0-ohm resistor, maximum 50mA, but not recommended increased.)
When the input voltage is 5 v, the output voltage can be adjusted in 280 ~ 1200 v.
When the input voltage is 6 ~ 12v, the output voltage can be adjusted in 400 ~ 1200v.

The capacitor can be charged, but the charging speed is a bit slow, please note.
Like the power of the output module module, it is not possible for the sensor.
Corresponding Product Description: This module is used in security products, stability is quite good

This module with AC output, output around AC 75 v, but can not be adjusted,
Product test model:
Please refer to the main map, the new output products are generally stable, of course, if you test the output voltage is unstable, you can add a current limiting resistance to the test, usually this problem does not occur .
When adjusting the recommended output add a resistance rectifier like the following picture

Warm reminder: This product is supported by the housing (3D PLA printing shell, full-toxic configuration, printing a housing needs an hour long), if you need, please you tell me, and add more 3EUR to me ,

Package Included:
1PCS High Voltage DC-DC Boost Converter 5v-12v Pitch up to 300v-1200v Power Module

Elektrische Daten

A15P-5 0 to +1500V 0.66mA 5V <300mA <500mA <0.4% – Digikey 163,58 € / mouser 1: 163,58 €

G25-Serie 2,5 kV
Farnell: €105.65

Output Voltages from 100V to 6kV

  • Output Voltage Proportional to Input
  • Low Turn-on Voltage 0.7VDC
  • Input to Output Isolation
  • Dual Output Models
  • No Minimum Load
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • (38.1 x 38.1 x 16.0mm)
  • Ripple 0,5%